Xadrez I (Chess I)

Xadrez 1 is an interactive work, whose performers are two chess players. It’s a computer software capable of obtaining musical material live, generating music in real time. Having a chess game development as input data, there’s an infinity of possible outcomes. Music is going to be different depending on who the players are.

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Peito de Lobo

Work for piano and electronics, inspired by the homonymous autobiographic story by Galician writer Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao, published in the book Retrincos.

Recorded on November 23rd 2017, during the concert Blue Brain – Inteligência Artificial Coletiva, at Café-Concerto Francisco Beja da ESMAE, with pianist Nastasia Iacob.

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Compostela Antiga

Music based in soundscapes. All samples were recorded in the Old Town of Santiago de Compostela, by Chus Silva, Xabier Mera and myself. There’s no other sound source nor sound synthesis which doesn’t take the recorded sound as initial material.

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