Work for orchestra, premiered by the ESMAE Symphonic Orchestra at Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, conducted by Thomas Hauschild. The yo-yo (a word from the Ilocanian) basic movement is to push downwards and, at the exact moment it reaches the bottom, pull gently to rise it again. If this little pull upwards is not given, … See more

Esconder-se no multiverso (Hiding in the multiverse)

Work for chamber orquestra, commissioned by ESMAE within a project with the Music Superior School of Lisbon (ESML) and the University of Évora, funded by the Funcação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (Portugal).

Xadrez I (Chess I)

Xadrez 1 is an interactive work, whose performers are two chess players. It’s a computer software capable of obtaining musical material live, generating music in real time. Having a chess game development as input data, there’s an infinity of possible outcomes. Music is going to be different depending on who the players are.

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Coro da Rá – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Arrangement of Pink Floyd’s tune “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” commissioned and performed by the choir Coro da Rá, at concert “Compostela Intercoral” on April 15th 2018, at the Teatro Principal of Santiago de Compostela.

Peito de Lobo

Work for piano and electronics, inspired by the homonymous autobiographic story by Galician writer Alfonso Rodríguez Castelao, published in the book Retrincos.

Recorded on November 23rd 2017, during the concert Blue Brain – Inteligência Artificial Coletiva, at Café-Concerto Francisco Beja da ESMAE, with pianist Nastasia Iacob.

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Vía Sete

Vía Sete is the permanent choir at Local de Música de Pontevedra. The project was originated by singers who came regularly to participate in leisure activities organised by the Pontevedra municipality, like Noites Abertas or Ponteverán. The amateur choir serves as an initiation into vocal music for people who was always willing to sing but … See more

Grumpy Levy

Work for Big Band, performed by the ESMAE Big Band at Casa da Música on December 2016, conducted by Abe Rábade featuring myself on piano. Here there are some things I was listening to when I composed this piece.

Compostela Antiga

Music based in soundscapes. All samples were recorded in the Old Town of Santiago de Compostela, by Chus Silva, Xabier Mera and myself. There’s no other sound source nor sound synthesis which doesn’t take the recorded sound as initial material.

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L’Enterrement de la Sardine (The Burial of the Sardine)

Project within Scenopolis, a scenographers collective in Strasbourg, France. The piece is an installation where people go round as if they were in pilgrimage, and simultaneously shows different traditions across Europe of the burial of the sardin. I participated as the music composer to be mumbled by singers, and also as performer within the audience going in rounds, in order to encourage them to sing. Music included parts for small percussion, hurdy-gurdy and bagpipe.

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