A musical game. First steps

I started this research project because I think there is an interesting relationship between game and music, up to the point that I think there are several dimensions of music that have some kind of playful facet, from creation to audition, including interpretation. Play refers in English and many other languages the performance of music and the act of participate in a game. In this post I will talk about how I created the first musical game, using Max MSP.

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The harmoniser

One of the problems I usually face when programming for an interactive piece is how to handle harmony, that is, how is it possible for the computer to make decisions about which chord to choose, and which voicings to apply.

On this occasion, I looked for a simple way to harmonize the game of note hunting. In the game there are always two notes sounding simultaneously. These two notes form an interval, and whatever interval class they form, this class exists in at least one of the 5 basic jazz tetrads, i.e. Xma7, Xmi7, X7, Xmi7b5 and X°7. This allows us to look for that interval within one of these chords and adjust it to those notes in the correct transposition, so it fits. After that, all notes of the chord between those two notes are activated.

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